2021 Best Funny Naruto Memes

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Best Funny Naruto Memes

Naruto Memes

who are you I need to know are you actually married to my father while you Funny Naruto Memes see I’m thinking of going on a journey I’m going to find out who my real mom and dad are.



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Naruto Memes



why don’t you let me take care of ordering those you must have other work huh it’s Sasuke’s hock Naruto Memes didn’t I already tell you that I was planning to go on a long leave he’ssomeone related to himthe power of sasuke uchiha Sharingan.


Cute Naruto Memes

Naruto Memes


power he doesn’t deserve to have thatkind of power not the Sharingan I’mleaving a shadow clone here in thev villagewhat started as a small ember Naruto Memes for Instgram isn nowa big fire you’d better hu urry.


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Naruto Memes


sorry to keep you waiting sorry da I’mprepared for anything oh wow look at you that’s amazing he was the most handsome manly man ever tobert oh


I’m really sorry mmm-hmm that hurts are you all right how come you’re being so bossy all of us at him let’s go Cute Naruto Memes back home meet Sookie if we hurry up there enough in there for me too no sorry she just keeps on making





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Naruto Memes


it’s really about how special the personis who made it for you fine here you go Best Naruto Memes seriouslyno claim they’re on the move now we’ll be able to use that girl to our advantage in many way the one with the glasses she’s wearing the crest of the Uchiha clan just like you we have to hurry or we.


won’t catch up those red eyes who areyou tell us and what if I refuse I mustbring you to him his word obey don’t you think this is a little much if there’s one thing I know it’s that the kids in my village are generally well-behaved I have some questions foryou as well look at that the manga Kyo.


Sharingan – so that’s your power are wegonna let loose for once yeah just alittle bit go easy okay good job nicely done kid oh wow I knew Lord 7th was a super strong shinobi but to be able to see it through these eyes is an unexpected bonus this is not an episode you can take on yourself transportation ninjutsu huh


I guess it’s over um wait a sec whatexactly is going on here this whole journey was Nature Memes 2021 supposed to be all about me finding my real dad after me do you know who they are all right I can’t very well send the two of you back to the village alone that will be the safest option are you sure all right I came to deliver.




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Naruto Memes

lunchboxes for him she should know better hey Cho Cho why don’t you come over here with me for a second you actually know the person who’s going to deliver it so what’s the big deal I’m qualified to make the delivery why is this so important to you because of lunch box.


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this to you oh ah that hit the spot thank you again you can thank boruto it’s all because of him sure I don’t remember him your dad’s been traveling this whole time hmm plus he was always the one to get the top grades and ninjutsu just like I did in other words he’s what you’d call my rival Sarda also you just have a way about you  that’s so similar to Sakura but don’t you worry no matter how far apart or how ong it’s been since you’ve seen when I’m with Lauren it’s coming into view that’s the tower I can’t read anymore.


it’s okay let’s just sit for a sec um I need to use the bathroom finally did you meet himI’m very impressed that you found me whois this why is she with my dad I’m leaving a shadow clone here in the village and then I’ll go there to meet Sasuke personally ah what are you gonna do with me aftery youkidnap me.


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